SSMI invites young persons who have empathy for the under-privileged and desire to learn, to join SSMI ‘s internship programme.

Types of Internships


Course related internship

This is based on SSMI signing an MOU with the institution where the student is studying. This would involve theory classes as well as field work. The programme would be tailor made to suit a batch of students or a particular student (researcher)


Field Internship

Field Internship is open to students and youth who have either as part of their pedagogy or due to their personal interest to intern/ volunteer in working in the field. Field work is exclusively limited to Delhi (a metropolitan aggregate) and with women, youth and children living in slums and /or belonging to the under-privileged deprived section of society.

Duration of field internship would be from 15 days to three months. There would be an orientation at the beginning to expose the intern to India, SSMI and the areas of work

Areas of Internships

1. Education
  • Teaching English, Science, Maths,Arts to primary and secondary school children
  • Early Child Care and Education (ECCE)
    • Teaching in/ working with Balwadis (per-school)
    • Teaching in Teachers’ training course specially designed for school graduates (non-collegiate) girls living in slums
  • Extra- curricular activities like sports, theatre etc.
  • Life skills
2. Health
  • Dealing with Mal-nutrition
    • Public nutrition – delivery of School Meals (Mid-Day Meals Scheme) and Supplementary nutrition (Integrated Child Development Programme)
    • Designing menus with higher nutrition content for the same money using millets and coarse grain
    • Field surveys
  • Children with Special Needs
    • Study of Children with behavioural problems and/or under-performance.
    • Remedial teaching
  • Delivery of ambulatory health with community participation
3. Womens Empowerment
  • Field studies and surveys on issues relating to women and adolescents
  • Gender Resource Center providing awareness and counselling on legal, nutrition, health, environment, livelihood issues
  • Production center for women in textiles and food items
    • Production training
    • Branding and marketing of products

Boarding & Lodging

Residential accommodation would be arranged on request. Interns would have to pay for their boarding and lodging. SSMI has limited dormitory accommodation on its campus.

Application Form

Application form for internship