internship AT SSMI

We have a thriving intern programme run by our School of Social Enterprise and host Indian and foreign student interns giving them first hand experience of social issues. We have had interns from Spain, USA, Belgium, France, Canada, Mexico and India. In 2018/19 we hosted 8 international students and 17 Indian students. They led work on diverse areas such as developing a plan for special needs children, building a catalogue for Subha, developing our marketing strategy and building a social media presence.


Female Empowerment
  • Field studies and surveys on issues relating to women and adolescents
  • Providing advice and raising awareness of legal, nutrition, health, environment, livelihood issues
  • Teaching English, Science, Maths, Arts to primary and secondary school children
  • Early Child Care and Education, including teaching in/ working with Balwadis (per-school) and Teachers’ training for school graduates (non-collegiate) girls living in slums
  • Extra-curricular activities (sports, theatre)
  • Life skills
  • Malnutrition
    1. Public nutrition – delivery of School Meals (Mid-Day Meals Scheme) and Supplementary nutrition (Integrated Child Development Programme)
    2. Designing menus with higher nutrition content within the existing budget
    3. Field surveys
  • Children with Special Needs
    1. Study of Children with behavioural problems and/or under-performance.
    2. Remedial teaching
  • Delivery of ambulatory health with community participation
  • Production training
  • Branding and marketing of product

Internships can last from 15 days to three months. Fees and terms are based on the agreement with the sponsoring institution. Residential accommodation can be arranged on request, although interns are required to pay for their board and lodgings. If you are interested in applying for a student internship please fill in the application form below.

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We need your help to make life better for the under-privileged women and
children we work with. Please consider volunteering with us, attending
a workshop or making a donation.